Accounting Services

Todays more of the business are facing great obstacle in order to move forward. It's including short of budget for hiring more people and allocate fund for certain project. But even in greatest obstacle, we as a businessman must know one of the basic foundation to the company which is accounting. You must think whether is it necessary to have accounting department or outsource accounting services


Income Tax Preparation

Tax planning is a must for all Malaysian residential. As we know, Tax that we pay is use to enhance our country strength in all sector. Tax planning is very important as this is an analysis of your company or personal financial to ensure all elements work together to allow us to pay lowest taxes possible. Tax planning must follow tax compliance and its time consuming. That's where our service will help you as we have licenses tax agent to ensure all tax refund are filed and submitted on timely basis for you to avoid any penalty.

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Payroll & HR Services

We’re here to help you streamlined your Payroll process, whether you’ve launched a start-up or are part of a larger organization. Outsourcing Payroll help frees up resources, including valuable human capital and allows you to focus on core business activities.

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Audit Services

Fsi Management Services is partnering with a licensed audit firm approved by Ministry of Finance, Malaysia which providing comprehensive audit and assurance services to all industry types. We assist our clients in facilitating audit of the financial statements of their businesses. The latest technologies combined with innovative ideas of our auditors form an excellent platform for conducting authentic assessments and examinations of client’s audit cases, ensuring true and fair presentation of the reports.

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